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Women Defending The Territory: Experiences of participation in Latin America

Organisation: The Urgent Fund of Latin America (UAF-LA)

Country/Region: Latin America 

Type: Guides and Manuals 

The work presented here, arose from a joint proposal during the encounters facilitated by the UAF-LA, where, on the one hand, the general lack of mechanisms for women’s effective participation was identified; and on the other, the need to give recognition to their fundamental role in the impetus for popular, community, and autonomous consultations and the demand for prior, free and informed consultation within a framework of defense of territories vis-à-vis extractive activity.

This document is framed within our commitment to collective knowledge creation, the goal being to set out issues for debate and to enrich the practices and experiences of activists and their organizations. As a result, it has been constructed with articles and written testimonies from women activists and defenders of territories. The objective is to ensure that the participation of women in consultation processes is made visible, by referring to the following elements:

  • The place and relevance of consultation mechanisms in contexts of defense of territory and the environment, emphasizing limitations and opportunities for women and their communities.
  • Existing barriers and pressures exercised by public and private actors to obstruct women’s participation in consultation processes and decision-making spaces.
  • The diversity of struggles, proposals, and repertoires for action led by women in the defense of their territories and nature, in varied contexts in the region.
  • Critical understandings of the extractivist model, emanating from women’s voices and feminist perspectives.
Organisation: Urgent Fund of Latin America (UAF-LA)
Year: 2015
Language(s): English, Spanish
Country/Region: Latin America 
Area: Collective and Physical Security, Women, and Risk Assessments; Research, Campaigning & Advocacy
Type: Guides and Manuals
Rating: 8