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How to use the Collective Protection Site

Filter by language 

You can access the microsite in English, Spanish and French using the three options in the top right of the page. 

The microsite has resources in many different languages. You can find a resource in your target language by clicking on the drop-down menu in the left-hand column.  

Filter by thematic area 

You can filter the results depending on your needs by checking the boxes in the Area section in the left-hand column.  

Filter by resource type  

You can access resources in a variety of different formats, so you can find one that works best for your situation. Guides and manuals are easily accessible on a slow internet connection and can be downloaded, whereas digital tools and audio-visual resources may need a faster or more consistent connection to access.  

Filter by rating 

In the left-hand column there is also a rating function which rates resources on their accessibility and how easily they can be adapted to different situations.  

Start again 

If you want to clear all your filters and start again, click the Reset button at the bottom of the left hand menu.  

Looking for a particular resource that isn’t available? 

These resources are by no means a complete list. Therefore we encourage defenders and CSOs to send in their resources via the Contribute button at the top. Also, if defenders are searching for particular resources and not finding any results, please let us know via the Contact Us function on the Info page. These requests will help us inform what is needed and guide CSOs working on this topic to create resources which will meet this need. 

What if the resource isn’t loading? 

If you’ve clicked the “link to resource” button but you can’t see the resource, then this could be due to a lack of internet, or a slow internet connection. Try re-connecting to your internet source, moving to a different area or changing your connection.  

If you’re still having issues, or the resource is loading in the wrong language or format, then please let us know via the Contact Us tool.