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Surveillance & counter-surveillance: for HRDs and their organisations

Being a person who assumes the responsibility of defending rights of others is no easy task. Unfortunately, in many cases human rights are at odds with the private interests of powerful actors who will not hesitate to turn violent. Human rights defenders remind us that human rights must not be violated, that the collective standards of co-existence are above private profit at any cost. Many defenders suffer aggressions and persecution, including surveillance to keep them under control and to prepare attacks (aggressions) against them.

This booklet aims to provide human rights defenders and their organisations tools to check and curtail such practices: By engaging in counter-surveillance one can make it more difficult for aggressors to attack so that your security will improve and you can continue with defending human rights safely.

Organisation: Protection International
Year: 2014
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International

Area: Collective and Physical security, Women, and Risk Assessments; Community Vigilance, Media, & Monitoring; Digital Security

Type: Guides & Manuals

Rating: 7.5