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Prey Lang App

Organisation: Prey Lang Community Network

Country/Region: Prey Lang Forest, Cambodia

Type: Digital Tool 

The Prey Lang app is used by PLCN to collect data on the illegal logging of Prey Lang, and the impact this has on biodiversity and local livelihoods. This data is then analyzed in reports and communicated to policy makers and the Cambodian public.

Collecting data with the app offers PLCN a structured way of gathering  information on the deforestation of the forest. This is highly useful in the networks advocacy efforts.

The network began collecting data with the app in February 2015, with funding from the Alexander Soros Foundation and DANIDA. The network has since then had 35 smartphones with the app operating in the forest.

Web Essentials developed the app in close collaboration with PLCN members and University of Copenhagen. The process of developing the app is ongoing and dynamic. Database managers and developers are continuously collaborating with PLCN to improve it.

When members use the smartphone app, their recordings fall into three categories

  • Illegal logging activities
  • Natural resources
  • Interaction with authorities
  • Climate related entries

Besides recording illegal logging activities, an important part of the data collection consists of recording the natural resources and cultural sites found within Prey Lang forest. This helps underline the importance of protecting the forest

Organisation: Prey Lang Community Network
Year: N/A
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International
Area: Community Vigilance, Media, & Monitoring; Boundary Conflicts, Land-claim Disputes
Type: Guides and Manuals 
Rating: 4.5