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Indigenous peoples’ rights to autonomy and self-government

Organisation: IGWIA, IACHR

Country/Region: International

Type: Documents and Manuals

An International Seminar to assess the global status and trends with regards to indigenous autonomies took place in Mexico City in March 2019. This meeting follows the work developed by indigenous organizations and the organizing institutions over the last few years.

In January 2018, at its annual Expert Meeting, the UN Permanent Forum was requested to compile information on indigenous autonomies and government systems in order to provide an overview of good practices, following a series of workshops held in Latin America on indigenous governments.

This publication provides a brief summary of the cases presented in Mexico. It has not been possible to include all of the many valuable experiences which were discussed in the Seminar, but we have tried to present a wide range of different cases from across the respective regions in the hope that it may be a useful tool for continuing the discussion beyond the Seminar.

Organisation: IWGIA, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Year: 2019
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International 
Area: Research, Campaigning, & Advocacy; International Legal Mechs
Type: Guides and Manuals
Rating: 7