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Holistic Security: A strategy manual for Human Rights Defenders

Organisation: Tactical Technology Collective

Country/Region: International

Type: Guides and Manuals

This guide is the first to explicitly adopt a ‘holistic’ approach to security and protection strategies for human rights defenders. In short, this means that rather than looking separately at the importance of our digital security, psycho-social well-being and organisational security processes, it attempts to integrate them and highlight their interrelatedness.

In the past, the various aspects of human rights defenders’ security have tended to be treated separately, as if they existed in isolation from one another. However, this ‘compartmentalisation’ of deeply interrelated aspects of our security greatly limits our ability to adopt a comprehensive approach in a number of ways.

The content of this edition of the manual is divided into three Sections: Prepare, Explore, Strategise, while the fourth Section, Act, is available on-line. These steps are conceived as an evolving cyclical process, which should be regularly revisited as part of your existing strategic planning

Organisation: Tactical Technology Collective 
Year: 2016
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International 
Area: Collective and Physical security, Women, and Risk Assessments; Digital Security; Research, Campaigning, & Advocacy
Type: Guides and Manuals 
Rating: 8