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GRINS: An Automation System Designed for Community Radios

Organisation: Gramvaani

Country/Region: International

Type: Guides and Manuals

GRINS is a unique Radio Automation System designed for Community Radio stations. Key features include:

Telephony: Full telephony integration without need of a telephony hybrid or changes to mixer settings. Receive calls, record calls, put calls on air, have live call-in programs – all at the click of a button. No other radio automation system provides such seamless integration with telephony

Preview: Preview audio over your headphones even while some other program is playing. Use same headphones to monitor what audio goes on air, and to listen and talk to phone callers.

Internet streaming: GRINS supports Internet streaming to Icecast and Shoutcast servers. Anybody over the Internet can tune in to your station!

Content management: Integrated content library – store all your programs in GRINS and search collection later to make a playlist. No need for complex folder management on your computer.

Address Book: Maintain a caller database of your listeners, and keep track of the villages or communities to which they belong.

SMS and Polls: Send and receive SMSes from listeners. Conduct SMS polls to run competitions or engage communities.

Low Cost: GRINS can run off regular PCs and single board computers, significantly reducing the costs of setting up community radio stations. No need to invest in expensive hardware.

Organisation: Gramvaani
Year: 2013
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International
Area: Community Vigilance, Media, & Monitoring; Research, Campaigning, & Advocacy
Type: Guides and Manuals 
Rating: 6.5