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Community Toolkit on Free Prior and Informed Consent and Renewable Energy

This community toolkit is meant to be used by Indigenous Peoples’ communities, organizations and individuals who are facing energy projects in their areas and need guidance in dealing with them. It could also be used to inform other actors about indigenous peoples’ rights and perspectives in relation to energy investments in their communities.

The toolkit gathers information and tools from various sources that are available on the web, and which may be useful in protecting indigenous peoples’ rights and promoting access to energy
in their communities. It provides links to other resources, tools and approaches that may be explored by the reader in more detail, depending on their particular context and needs. It also presents a few case studies from the experience of indigenous peoples in engaging with energy project stakeholders and in implementing community- based renewable energy projects that others can learn from.

In particular, the toolkit aims to collect and provide information that may be useful for indigenous communities in:

  1. Advocating for the respect of indigenous peoples’ rights in relation to energy projects affecting their lands and resources; and
  2. Gaining access to community-based renewable energy projects that benefit them and address their needs.
Organisation: Right Energy Partnership
Year: 2022
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International
Area: Land mapping, Titling & EIAs; Boundary Conflicts, Land-Claim disputes
Type: Guides and Manuals
Rating: —