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Collective Protection of Human Rights Defenders: A collective approach to the right to defend human rights

Organisation: Protection International

Country: International

Types: Guides and Manuals

Human rights defenders (HRDs) do not usually work alone, but in groups, in association with others, in social movements, building collective networks and supporting each other. Focusing protection mechanisms on individual protection limits the impact of measures to a very narrow number of defenders, while ignoring the collective dimension of human rights defence work, which may even undermine the collective processes and dynamics of groups and communities that work together for human rights causes.

As highlighted in Protection International’s report Rethinking the protection of Human Rights Defenders (2018), the collective protection of human right defenders (HRDs) goes hand in hand with the strengthening of social movements and social fabric.

The purpose of this publication is to contribute to a shift in current prevailing narratives on the protection of human rights defenders. For protection to be effective, sustainable and reach a greater number of human rights defenders, we shift towards a more collective mindset.

Organisation: Protection International 
Year: N/A
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International 
Area: International Legal Mechs; Collective and Physical security, women and Risk Assessments; Community Vigilance, Media & Monitoring
Type: Guides and Manuals
Rating: 7.5