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A Rights-Based Approach to Participatory Video

This toolkit has been assembled to provide the first few stepping stones for practitioners  of participatory video to begin introducing a rights-based approach into their practice.

We intend this toolkit to be particularly useful for those already undertaking participatory  video work in all its guises. However, we hope the methods, ideas, tools, checklists  and additional resources cited will mean its contents are useful and relevant to a broad  community of practitioners of participatory communications and media.

We are not experts in the field of rights, and we would like to point out that this toolkit has  been written based on our experiences of applying a rights-based approach to a range of  different participatory video projects over the last few years. The methods developed to  date have not yet benefitted from input by legal experts and we would welcome suggestions  from those in these field. It is fair to say the application of rights-based approaches to our  work is still evolving.

We believe in sharing our learning as a way of evolving participatory video methodology.  We invite and encourage practitioners to send us feedback and experiences and suggest  ways to improve this resource. Along with the on-going learning and practise of our global  team of trainers we expect this process will enable us to update the toolkit from time-to-time. Nevertheless we hope the techniques described here will be useful to participatory  video practitioners keen to adopt a rights-based approach to their projects in its current  form. Please do let us know what you think.

Organisation: Insight
Year: 2021
Language(s): English
Country/Region: International
Area: Boundary Conflicts, Land-claim Disputes; Collective and Physical security, Women, and Risk Assessments; Community Vigilance, Media, & Monitoring; International Legal Mechs; Research, Campaigning, & Advocacy 
Type: Digital Tool; Guides & Manuals
Rating: 8