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Resettlement Guide for People Affected by Dam Development

Organisation: Scientific Animations Without Borders
Country/Region: International
Type: Video


When the government gives someone permission to use your land or natural resources, which may require you to leave your land they must discuss options to avoid and minimize the negative impacts. This video explains this process.

Webinar Series: Defending the Amazon in times of COVID-19 (Spanish, Portuguese only)

Organisation: All Eyes on the Amazon
Country/Region: International
Type: Audio/Visual; Digital Tool; Guides & Manuals; Info-graphic; Organizational Capacity & Training; Template; Video; Webinar

Consultation Protocols (Video): Instrument for the Defense of Territories and Rights

Organisation: International Rivers and Others

Country/Region: Regional

Type: Webinar, Video, Audio


The video “Consultation Protocols: Instrument for the Defense of Territories and Rights” was produced by International Rivers and directed by Todd Southgate. It portrays an initiative that emerged within the movements of indigenous peoples and other traditional communities that aims to ensure the right to free, prior and informed consultation and consent on policies and projects that affect their territories and lives.

Territories of Life: A video toolkit for indigenous peoples about land and rights

Organisation: LifeMosaic

Country/Region: International

Type: Video


The Territories of life toolkit is a series of videos that share stories of resistance, resilience and hope with communities on the front line of the global rush for land. The aim of the toolkit is to share stories, experiences and ideas between communities, and to help spark discussions of your own.