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Strengthening your Territory of Life

Organisation: ICCA Consortium

Country/Region: International

Type: Digital Tool; Guides & Manuals; Organizational Capacity and training


You are invited to embark on a self-strengthening journey, a process of reflection, discussion, and action that you can define and shape according to your needs and the aspirations of your community.

The process consists of seven self-strengthening exercises, each with guiding questions, tools and examples. The elements do not need to be followed “in order” and can be taken up and adapted to fit your context, as determined by your community.

Earth Defenders Toolkit

Organisation: Digital Democracy

Country/Region: International

Type: Digital Tool, Guides and Manuals, Infographics, Organizational Capacity and Training


The Earth Defenders Toolkit is a collaborative space for earth defenders and their allies. The Toolkit provides a growing collection of resources and training materials for communities on the frontlines of the struggle to defend critical ecosystems around the world, and community networks for users to connect and share their experiences.

Indigenous Navigator Training

Organisation: The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Country/Region: International

Type: Online Tool; Organisational Capacity & Training


The Indigenous Navigator provides a set of tools for indigenous peoples to systematically monitor the level of recognition and implementation of their rights. Here you can find training materials to understand all aspects of the Indigenous Navigator framework and tools.

Resources for Defenders

Organisation: EarthRights International

Country/Region: International

Type: Audio/Visual, Guides & Manuals, Organizational Capacity & Training


EarthRights uses community education tools to support people around the world who face earth rights abuses. These tools take concepts and lessons that are crucial for defending human and environmental rights and present them in a way that’s accessible to everyone.